A message from The Brand Family

Our lives continue to change due to unforseen circumstances in which we are living. Our hearts are with the millions of people affected by COVID-19. We have greatly reduced our prices for disinfection services in order to assist in fighting against this global enemy. This is a challenge that requires everyone to work together to overcome. Please stay safe and continue to practice social distancing.

How does the process work?

The disinfectant spraying process works by using highly pressurized air to fragmetize the chemical. The process then moves on to passing an electrode inside the nozzle which creates a negatively charged spray. This spray detects all germs that are postively charged within its reach. The chemical used in the spray is non-toxic and has the ability to reach all surfaces. In order for the process to work, it is crucial that the surface that has been sprayed reamins wet long enough to eliminate all of the bacteria. When working with us, all accesbile surfaces within your facility will be sprayed and left to sit for the appropriate amount of time. We are always sure to take our time and complete the process correctly. Safety and cleanliness is a serious matter.

Do you clean prior to disinfecting?

Unless you have made us aware that cleaning has been done immediately before our arrival, cleaning will be done for you. Disinfecting is redundant unless surfaces are first cleaned. You will be quoted a price for both cleaning and disinfecting. Becoming a Brand client will save you money on disinfecting services! This is because we are able to roll it into your routine cleaning package at a significant discount. As this is a difficult time for most companies and businesses, it is important to be financially consious and get the most for your money.

Can you trust us?

Yes. COVID-19 and other viruses and bacterias are a dangerous threat to everyone and we have the knowledge and ability to help fight against them. There are product manufacturer directions that we follow to a T that gauruntee the chemical we use is properly diluted before entering the sprayer’s tank. More details on the disinfectant we use can be provided for you prior to a service visit.


Our team is experienced, licensed, and insured.

How much does this service cost?

We structure our pricing based on individual client needs, and we always offer our existing clients the best price possible on additional services. With that being said if you are not one of our valued clients yet you can take advantage of our 15% OFF offer by completing the form above.

Our disinfection service is priced according to your square footage requiring treatment. We will work with you to maximize the amount of disinfecting you can get for the best price possible. Call us at (780) 233-9892 to discuss pricing and/or schedule a consultation. We want your business open and operating confidently.


We understand the complex situation you may be in and are willing to work with you. We have the most budget-friendly prices in town.